Dee Henry Williams

Two-Dimensional Textile Art
Artist Statement

Dee Henry Williams, professional artist, whose Two-Dimensional Textile Art workshop helps participants to think outside the box and experience the exhilaration of living in the moment.

Two-Dimensional Textile Art is a creative medium that helps to give one an opportunity to experience the past, be in the present and carve out a future in a workshop setting. Two-Dimensional Textile Art helps to develop an artistic work where one can be in the moment.

Mask making using textiles and other objects can provide the opportunity to create and be introspective. Take a fun, gentle look at oneself while making a mask from denim and other fabrics, beads, yarn, shells, ribbon, etc. Mask-making helps to, hopefully, better understand oneself in the moment; it helps one to listen and march to one’s own drummer.

Dee provides workshops at Twin Cities’ colleges and universities, public schools, alternative high schools, after school programs, women in recovery transitional facilities, men’s programs, senior rehabilitation facilities just to name a few. Her additional aesthetic talents are photography, paint on canvas, designer dishware using porcelain paint.

As a volunteer for over 30 years, Dee aka Grand Deeva, produces a weekly radio program, A Great Blend of Watercolors, KFAI radio (90.3FM & 106.7 FM) ~ Saturday ~ 6:00-9:00 A.M.

Dee was Grants Manager, with the former Dayton Hudson Foundation. Arts administrator, lead artist for an after-school arts and academics program. Grantee 2008, Minnesota State Arts Board Cultural Community Partnership; Minnesota State Arts Board Community Liaison for the African Diaspora.

Exhibits: Two-Dimensional Textile Art

  • Capstone Gallery’s ~ Urban Folk
  • Obsidian Arts’ ~ Soul On Ice
  • Ice House ~ Look at Me, Look at You
  • KFAI ~ Can You See Me, Now Exhibit: Photography
  • Earth, Wind, Fire and Water composite, as a WARM member (Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota).

Mask-making using textiles, gives one the opportunity to experience an opening of the aesthetic side, the spirit within, bring forth contemplation, meditation and self-motivation; but also, the opportunity to de-mask and live in the moment.

Cherish The Good Times!